Carlisting V1.2 – Car Catalog Script Free Download 2021

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Carlisting V1.2 – Car Catalog Script Free Download free Download

Carlistage is an adaptive car catalog script, Content Management System (CMS). Sellers can easily place and manage products by making payments through PayPal. In this CMS, the seller will provide advertising for his cars (for the sale of new and old cars) by paying the site owner. Visitors will come to view the cars and contact the sellers by email, phone or message form for each individual car.
This CMS has a nice and attractive interface and a really great and attractive interface. The backend has many nice and easy-to-maintain features that a modern and professional website needs to be easily processed by the customer. Almost all types of changes can be done using the admin panel without any knowledge or programming language.

This CMS is built in procedural php (with PDO function) and without any infrastructure. For this reason, most developers can easily customize it.

This CMS is protected against SQL injections, XSS and other attacks, and your site will be safe. In addition, on all pages, an administrator level check and invalid links to pages were checked.
The Carlisting CMS script has the following features:

  • Easy and simple to use interface
  • Fully responsive for any type of device
  • Powerful admin backend like WordPress
  • Clean coding with proper comments
  • Secure coding against SQL injection and XSS attack
  • Direct access or invalid URL press stopped for each page
  • Important data statistics in the dashboard
  • Multi-vendor registration and management
  • Automatic seller registration via confirmation email
  • Unlimited creation of brands, models, etc.
  • Unlimited creation of categories and posts
  • Creation of unlimited price plans with cost configuration for PayPal
  • Subscription to the flat rate by the seller with PayPal
  • Management of the car in the Front End by the seller
  • Approval of each car by the administrator
  • Approval of each car update by the administrator
  • Unlimited page creation
  • Unlimited menu creation with drop-down list
  • Facebook comments section for each post
  • Configure SEO metadata for each post, page and category
  • Unlimited file download system
  • All major social media URL layouts for top bar and sidebar
  • Export subscriber data in CSV format

Version: 1.2 (06 June 2018)

  1. Corrected: updated payment_success.php file and moved “payment > paypal” folder to root folder.
  2. Added: Added seller-payment-delete.php file in admin folder.
  3. Update: Updated payment.php file in root folder.

Download Carlisting v1.2 – car catalog script

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